As PTM Calibration Limited work with a wide range of clients, see a selection of their testimonials below.

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Harvey Group

PTM provide calibration services for our electrical and temperature instruments.  Their service provision is excellent and they are a great supplier to work with.  We are more than happy to recommend PTM.

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P&O Ferries

We’ve used PTM Calibration to maintain our metrology and torque instruments, as well as our electrical equipment and pressure gauges.  When required, they have also been very supportive in the supply of new measuring equipment. We would highly recommend their team for this type of work. 

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Woodgate Aviation

PTM Calibration provide a wide variety of calibration services to maintain our equipment. They test our metrology instruments, pressure gauges, thermometry, electrical and torque equipment regularly and we are extremely happy with the services received.

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Keystone Group

We use PTM Calibration regularly to calibrate our dimensional instrumentation.  Their high level of calibration service has been invaluable in helping us to maintain our quality assurance standards. They have been an excellent supplier to us for well over 15 years.