Pressure & Vacuum Calibration

PTM Calibration Limited has the capability to calibrate a wide range of pressure and vacuum instrumentation, ranging from simple Bourdon tube gauges to electronic pressure transducers.

Pressure measuring instrument

Listed below is a sample of instruments we calibrate:

  • Industrial Pressure Gauges
  • Standard Test Gauges (0.5%)
  • Standard Test Gauges (0.25%)
  • Pressure & Vacuum Gauges
  • Ram Gauges
  • Differential Pressure Cells (Electrical Output)
  • Pressure Transducers (Electrical Output)
  • Vacuum Transducers (Electrical Output)
  • Pressure & Vacuum Calibrators
  • Digital Pressure Indicators
  • Airline Tyre Pressure Gauges

Contact us now if you have any queries or would like a quotation for the calibration of your pressure or vacuum instruments. We also carry a large stock of standard industrial Bourdon Tube pressure gauges.

Pressure Valves